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They are the infections you get from another person through sexual contact. In addition, over 20 million people in the United States are infected each year.


The urethra's main job in males and females is to pass urine outside the body. This thin tube also has an important role in ejaculation for men. When a scar from swelling, injury or infection blocks or slows the flow of urine in this tube, it is called a urethral stricture. Some people feel pain with a urethral stricture.

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The bladder empties through the urethra and out of the body called voiding. The female urethra is much shorter than the male's. In males, urine Ladies seeking sex Cedar Mills travel a longer distance from the bladder through the penis. In males, the first 1" to 2" of the urethra that urine passes through is called the posterior urethra.

The posterior urethra includes:. Strictures that happen in the first 1" to 2" of the urethra that urine passes through are called posterior strictures.

Urethral stricture disease

In males, the final 9" to 10" of the urethra is called the anterior urethra. The anterior urethra includes:. Strictures that happen in the last 9" to 10" of the urethra that urine passes through are called anterior strictures. Men are more Carrolltown PA milf personals to have a urethral disease or injury because of their longer urethra.

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For this reason, strictures are more common in men. They are rare in women and in infants. Stricture narrowing of the urethra can happen at any point from the bladder to Wives want nsa WI Cedarburg 53012 tip of the penis.

This narrowing restricts or slows the flow of urine in. Some common causes are:. Posterior urethral strictures happen in the first 1" to 2" of the urethra. This kind of stricture is due to an injury linked to a pelvic fracture e. In these cases the urethra is disrupted, or completely cut and separated.

Urine cannot pass. A catheter must be placed either through the abdomen into the bladder suprapubic tubeor through the penis into the bladder. This lets urine drain until the stricture can be fixed.

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Anterior urethral strictures happen in last 9" to 10" of the urethra. This kind of stricture is caused by:. Simply put, the urethra is like a garden hose. When there is a kink or narrowing along the hose, no matter how short or long, the flow is reduced. When a stricture is narrow enough to decrease urine flow, you will have symptoms. Problems with urinating, UTIs, and swelling or infections of the prostate may occur. Severe blockage that lasts a long time can damage the kidneys. Swingers dating Flossmoor doctor Adult wants real sex Big Laurel places a small, bendable, lubricated scope a small viewing instrument into the urethra.

It is moved up to the stricture. This lets the doctor see the narrowed area. This is done in the office and helps your doctor decide how to treat the stricture. This test is used to see how many strictures there are, and their position, length Beautiful lady wants real sex Gillette Wyoming severity.

This is done as an outpatient X-ray procedure. Retrograde in this case means "against the flow" of urine. Contrast dye fluid that can be seen on an X-ray is inserted into the urethra at the tip of the penis. No needles or catheters are used. The dye lets the doctor see the entire urethra and outlines the narrowed area.

It can be combined with an antegrade urethrogram antegrade means "with the flow" of urine. Dye inserted from below fills the urethra up to the injured area.

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Married but looking in Avenal CA inserted from above fills the bladder and the urethra down to the stricture. These tests together let the doctor find the gap to plan for surgery. Also, if you have trauma to the urethra, you may have this X-ray procedure after emergency treatment. Contrast dye can be injected through the catheter that was placed for healing.

There are many options depending on the size of the blockage and how much scar tissue is involved. Without treatment, you will continue to have problems with voiding. Also, there is a risk of urinary retention when you can't pass urinewhich could lead to an enlarged bladder and kidney problems.

This is usually performed in the urologist's office with local anesthesia.

The stricture is stretched using larger and larger dilators called "sounds. But this stretching is not really a cure and needs to be repeated regularly. If the stricture comes back too quickly, you Fuck women Almonte be taught how to insert a catheter from time to time to prevent it from coming back.

Side effects include bleeding and infection. Sometimes a "false passage" or second urethral channel may form from the stretching. A knife blade or laser at the end of the cystoscope is used to cut the stricture and create a gap. A catheter may be placed into the urethra to hold the gap open and let it heal.

The suggested time to leave a catheter Sex Douglasville older women draining is based on the length of the stricture. Many reconstructive procedures have been used to treat strictures, and some involve 1 or 2 operations.

In all cases, the choice of repair is based on the location and length of the stricture and how serious it is. No single repair is right for all cases. The 2 main types are anastomotic urethroplasty and substitution urethroplasty. This method is usually reserved for short urethral strictures. In this case, a cut is made between the scrotum and rectum. The urethra can then be reconnected after removing the stricture.

This is usually performed as an outpatient procedure or with a short hospital stay. A small, soft catheter is left in the penis for 10 to 21 days. It is then removed after an X-ray is taken to make sure Married women Fountain Hills wanna fuck repair has healed.

When the stricture is long, tissue can be transferred to replace the section that had the stricture. In difficult cases, substitution repairs may need to be done in stages.

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These repairs should be done by a urologist experienced with these surgeries. Overall the success rates are very good. The 3 kinds of substitution procedures are:. This method replaces or enlarges a section of the urethra using your own tissue. The tissue may be Horny women near Kirksville taken from the shaft of the penis or, more often, buccal mucosa taken from inside the cheek.

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After surgery, you may need a short hospital stay and use a catheter for 2 or 3 weeks. With this surgery, flaps of skin are rotated from the penis to create the new section of the urethra. This is needed when a graft needs to be long, and the stricture is severe. These procedures are Giral for sex Jacksonville Florida and should be done by a surgeon with plastic surgery experience.

Because urethral strictures can come back after surgery, you should be followed by a urologist. After the catheter is removed, your doctor will want to check you with physical exams and X-rays as needed.

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